Intellectual Property Services


As the most important document to record the world's technological achievements, patents provide technical, legal and economic information to help you predict the tech trend and to increase competitiveness. In order to support the university's decision-making of the scientific research management, the Library Intellectual Property Information Service Center launched a series of patent information services.

The main purpose of the service is to:

  • Improve the efficiency of the management and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
  • Assist scientific research teams in their innovative research goals; improve the research and development level and efficiency; avoid the risks of scientific and technological research.
  • Improve the patent information literacy of users; enhance the awareness and skills of patent information utilization.
  1. Patent Information Search

    According to the needs of the user, a range of national or global patents will be searched, and the relevant patent materials will be provided, so that the user can follow the trend of related technologies.

  2. Intellectual Property Training

    According to the needs of the user, we will provide training of basic patent knowledge, including patent search, application and analysis on different levels.

  3. Patent Analysis

    According to the needs of the user, a range of national or global patents will be searched, and intelligence analysis methods and tools will be used to analyze patent layout, value, litigation and infringement risks.

    • Patent analysis services in a specific technical fields

      We will conduct national or global patent analysis for specific technology areas to gain a comprehensive understanding of the research and development of technology. The analysis mainly includes analysis of the patent application status, analysis of area distribution of patent application and the origin countries of technical resources, analysis of patent competition, core patent, and patent litigation info in this field.

    • Institutional patent competitiveness analysis

      We will provide analysis and evaluation of patents of designated institutions. The analysis mainly includes patent application trends, patent field distribution, inventor distribution, patent transfer and core patent analysis, etc.

    • Specific inventor/team patent analysis

      We will analyze the patents of designated inventors or research teams to help understand the differences between patented technologies of clients and their competitors, and provide guidance for their inventions.

    • Patent Alert

      We will track patents or technical fields according to the needs of the user, and establish early alert mechanisms to notify risks to prevent infringement. The service mainly includes early alerts of new patents, including new patent applications, new patent grants, new family patents; early alerts of patent law status, including new published patents, new granted patens, etc.; and early alerts of new cited patents.

    • Technology Transformation Support

      According to the needs of governmental departments, enterprises and institutions, we will analyze the direction and key areas of patent technology transformation to help implement the transformation of the patented technology.

Report Categories Working days
Patent Citation Search 3
Patent Value Analysis Report 3
Patent Information Search Report (before patent application) 7
Patent Novelty Retrieval Report 15
Patent(situation/evaluation) Analysis Report Ranging from half a month to 3 months. The number of working days and the charging fees required are determined by the customer's specific analysis scope, retrieval points, etc.
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