Introduction to SZU Library

With its humble origin as a small reading room built in 1983, the Shenzhen University (SZU) Library is one of the influential academic libraries in China today. Since the construction of the first university library building (Huidian building on the Yuehai campus, 23,441㎡) in 1986, SZU Library system has come a long way with the additions of the Huizhi building on the Yuehai campus (May 2009, 25,000㎡), the Lihu campus library (The first phase) on the Lihu campus (May 2017, 2,761㎡), the central library on the Lihu campus (In building, 40,000㎡). With a total area of 51,200㎡, SZU Library system currently comprises a number of branches covering a wide range of fields on natural and social science and technology, including above affiliated libraries and reading rooms housed in different schools and departments.

The SZU Library has more than 4,300,000 books and 368 databases, which contain 2,630,000 full-text e-books and 130,200 full-text electronic journals. Equipped with rich resources and state of the art facilities, SZU Library is now an open and integrated service system that facilitates teaching and research initiatives in all areas, promotes talent cultivating, international communication and the construction of campus culture.

SZU Library pursues the service idea of "The service is supreme", opens 16 hours a day, 355 days throughout the year. Reading promotion activities held in the form of diversification to propagate culture, gather consensus, fostering virtue. Meanwhile, SZU Library has a wide influence in automation, informationization, digitalization construction of library. Integrated library system, Electronic resource management system, DRAA, next generation of library service platform extend wider range and support better library services. Subject analysis services are extended from library to departments and research teams. Through full functionality in library holding, information retrieval, subject analysis service and document delivery, SZU Library system plays an active role of a knowledge exchange and dissemination network with a focus on facilitating academic research, and carrying forward the university cultural heritage.

Facing the world, SZU library will strive for cultural leadership to realize innovative and qualitative development, and build the high-level Special Economic Zone University Library for the people.