Library Card

Valid Library Card is the identification for the access of entry, borrowing books and studies in the library. The library card is the campus card which has opened library services. Please contact Reader's Affairs in Huidian Building of Yuehai campus or Circulation Services in 2nd floor of Lihu campus library if you have any problem about library card.

Open Library Services
  1. Centralized processing: for the new students (graduate students, undergraduate students), centralized processing shall be carried out according to the list.
  2. Unified handling: for a group of personnel (such as training courses, etc.) in the school unit, unified handling shall be conducted according to relevant materials and lists.
  3. Individual handling: the staff in the school shall carry the campus card and relevant materials (see the table below) to the library or send personal information & relevant materials to email for individual handling.

Required materials: According to the reader type and privileges, the required materials are shown in the table below.

No. Reader Type Required Information
Faculty & staff
Faculty Campus Card for Faculty
2 Faculty (employment, contract) Employment Contract of School Human Resources Department
3 Foreign Teacher Notice of International Exchange and Cooperation Department
4 Post Doctor Notice of School Human Resources Department
5 Faculty employed by each unit Open the reading service with the employment certificate of the unit
Open the book-borrowing service with employment certificate of the unit and library loan guarantee
6 Visiting Scholar Open the reading service according to the notice of the unit
Open the book-borrowing service according to the notice of the unit and library loan guarantee
Undergraduate and graduate students (including foreign students) List of Campus Card Service Center, or List of International Exchange College
8 Foreign exchange students Notice of International Exchange and Cooperation Department
9 postgraduate student (on-the-job) Campus Card for Student
10 Domestic exchange students Notice of School Academic Affairs Department
11 Others (Continuing education students, self-taught students, non-degree students, etc.) Student ID and valid registration information, open reading service
Student ID, valid registration information and library loan guarantee, open the book-borrowing service
Family members of Faculty If the type of campus card is family card, the reading service will be opened for those over 14 years old.
13 Alumni Alumni card, ID card After registration, you can read in the library.
14 Visitors Official letter or notice of Library General Office After registration, you can enter the library to visit. Minors shall be led by units or by adults.
15 others Official letter or ID card After registration, you can visit or read in the library accompanied by school teachers and students or approved by library staff.

Working days

  • Centralized and unified handling: 2-3 working days;
  • Individual handling: When the information is complete, it shall be handled on the spot;
  • Temporary readers: register with the guard.

The campus card has a validity period, and it will be automatically invalid if it exceeds the validity period. If you need to postpone the use, please provide the certificate issued by your unit (college, Department, Institute, etc.).

Report the Loss

If you lose your campus card, please report it to the school card center immediately. If you have opened the library services, please report the loss in "My Library" on the library website or to the library immediately.

Withdraw Card
  1. Centralized handling: The graduates shall perform procedures through the school leaving system in accordance with the school notice. The library will complete the process according to the leaving schedule.
  2. Individual handling: Take the campus card or school leaving form to Reader's Affairs. If the materials are sufficient, it shall be completed on the spot.
Deposit Refund

The reader shall take the campus card and the deposit receipt (if the deposit receipt is lost, the original and double-sided copies of the ID card shall be taken) to Reader's Affairs, and then go to the school finance hall to get the deposit. If the material is sufficient, it shall be completed on the spot.

Contact Information
  • Room 207, 2nd floor, Reader's Affairs of Huidian Building, Yuehai Campus.
  • Monday to Friday, 08:30-11:45 am & 14:00-16:45 pm (summer hours: 08:30-11:45 am & 14:30-17:15 pm)

    Please refer to the library notice for the winter and summer holidays and holiday reception hours.

  • Librarians: Yin Xiaoyu, Lü Dong
  • Email:
  • Tel: 0755-26536272