Borrowing Regulations

Check out
  • Books can be checked out at Circulation Services or self-check machines with personal library card. Cards shall not be lent to others.
  • Loan quotas refer to the largest amount of loanable books from all the SZU libraries on different campuses.
  • When you check out books, please check whether the books are defaced or damaged. If so, it should be reported to the library staff immediately.
  • All literature marked as "for reading only" (including reference books, special literatures, tapes, DVDs, books, magazines and newspapers in reading areas, etc.) cannot be borrowed.
  • If you encounter difficulties or have special needs when borrowing books, please feel free to contact the library staff.
  • It is forbidden to bring books out of the library without performing the checking out procedure at Circulation Services.
  • Users should return borrowed books before the due date. You can return the books at Circulation Services or place them in self-check machines.
  • Borrowed books can be returned at all SZU branch libraries.
  • Users will pay overdue fines if the borrowed books are not returned within the due date according to relevant regulations. Fines will be 0.10 Yuan per item per day, not more than 20 Yuan per item.
  • Users can renew books for only one time online in "My Library" or at the Circulation Services with SZU ID cards.
  • Books must be renewed before the due date. Books that are overdue or reserved by others cannot be renewed.
  • The extended loan period starts from the day the book is renewed according to Circulation Rules.
  • Users can reserve books that are checked out or books from other branches or books located in the “Closed Stacks”.
  • Once the requested books arrive at the library, reminders will be sent to users via email.
  • Requested books will be held for 3 days. After that, the reservation will be cancelled, and the system will record this as a violations. Once irregularities reach three times, user will be suspended reservation privileges for 6 month.
  • Requested books will be available for you to pick up in following place and time:
    Service Center in Floor 2, Huizhi building, Yuehai campus
    Monday to Sunday: 08:30-11:45 am; 14:00-21:30 pm (Summer hours: 14:30-21:30 pm)
    Tel: 26534902
    Circulation Services in Floor 5, Huizhi building (Attached Building), Yuehai campus (For newspapers and periodicals collections only & limited use in the library)
    Monday to Friday: 08:30-22:30 am
    Tel: 26535150
    Service Center in Floor 2, Huidian building, Yuehai campus
    Monday to Sunday: 08:30-11:45 am; 14:00-21:30 pm (Summer hours: 14:30-21:30 pm)
    Tel: 26532182
    Service Center in Floor 2, Lihu campus library
    Monday to Sunday: 08:30-11:45 am; 14:00-21:30 pm (Summer hours: 14:30-21:30 pm)
    Tel: 86932729
  • Users should provide valid SZU email addresses.
Due Date Reminders
  • Due date reminders, including reminders before and after the due date, will be sent to users via email.
  • When another user reserves the book you check out, the library will send returning reminders via email.

    Please note:
    Users can add email address and phone number in "My Library" on the library homepage.